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Colin Holter

Articles by Colin Holter:

Articles June 13 2007 | By Colin Holter
But Wait, There’s More…!

What is lost if the Dexys Midnight Runners keep running?

Articles June 6 2007 | By Colin Holter
Squeaky Clean

When difficult artists write cleaner music, does it represent a welcome clarification or a huge step backwards?

Articles May 30 2007 | By Colin Holter
An Ugly Future

Harmonic organization is only a small (and shrinking) part of how most of us hear music now. The presence or absence of a steady pulse, for example, is easily as...

Articles May 23 2007 | By Colin Holter
Aural Flashbacks

In addition to the ever-expanding approaches to writing music, it's worth considering the new ways of hearing it that the information age may cultivate in us.

Articles May 16 2007 | By Colin Holter
Ripping More From the Headlines

A scuffle at the Boston Pops is one thing, but the news that a ten year old has been convicted of beating a homeless man requires more of a response...

Articles May 9 2007 | By Colin Holter
Can’t Name That Tune

Is free improv undertaken for the benefit of the performers or the audience?

Articles May 2 2007 | By Colin Holter
The Importance of Being Authentic

The Replacements' Let It Be is abundant in "authenticity." Should we care?

Articles April 25 2007 | By Colin Holter
Beautiful Music, R.I.P.

Can new music have at once the same quality of "pushing at the edge of the conceivable" that Beethoven's had in its day as well as its emotional resonance?

Articles April 18 2007 | By Colin Holter
Too Much Sax and Violins on Stage Leading to Social Peril?

I'd like to expound on the presence of violence in classical and contemporary music and on whether that presence suggests that we (i.e. the American art music community) are complicit...