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Colin Holter

Articles by Colin Holter:

Articles December 21 2011 | By Colin Holter
Singing Your Song

I've been working recently on a little diversion from my usual composing: a set of arrangements for a songwriter of my acquaintance. Although I've written dozens of songs (and a...

Articles December 14 2011 | By Colin Holter
Music In Good Company

Is it wrong to put together a program that will show one's own work in the best light? Has anybody else out there resorted to such skulduggery?

Articles December 8 2011 | By Colin Holter
Investment of Desire

Everything that anyone has ever done, someone is still doing. It's already been pointed out in Frank's thread that LPs, CDs, cassettes, and so on will continue to be produced...

Articles November 30 2011 | By Colin Holter
Playing the Big Room

Ordinarily, the second draft is when I make the piece more of what the first draft suggests. This time, however, a piece of crucial information surfaced after the first draft...

Articles November 23 2011 | By Colin Holter
Higher Definition: The Link Between Opera and Film

Today's mainstream opera collects the resources of traditional opera—bel canto vocalism, the orchestra, rotating scenery—and yokes them to the movies, without whose world-spanning reach and glossy grasp they are at...

Articles November 16 2011 | By Colin Holter
Defining Corey Dargel

The question implicit in my previous post on Corey Dargel's music was simple: Why am I not doing this? I think I have an answer now, and it's not the...

Articles November 9 2011 | By Colin Holter
Setting the Mood

We don't always have the resources to mount such a thorough production in CMW, but last week's performance was a valuable reminder that the extra work, time, and inconvenience of...

Articles November 2 2011 | By Colin Holter
And the Winner Is ___________

Given the simple arithmetic of these cattle calls—many scores will be sent, only one chosen—rejection is par for the course. It never bothers me, though: I reason that even though...

Articles October 26 2011 | By Colin Holter
A Question of Motivation

If an amateur is writing music with the expectation that it will be performed (and if this expectation is met) the situation gets much more uncomfortable for us professional composers...