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Colin Holter

Articles by Colin Holter:

Articles April 11 2007 | By Colin Holter
If Composers Wore Capes

What does professional wrestling have in common with modern composition?

Articles April 4 2007 | By Colin Holter
The (Classical Music) World Is Flat

Forget serialism, forget postmodernism, forget historically informed performance and electronics and extended techniques: The absorption of Asians into the formerly European- and American-dominated field of classical music is the classical...

Articles March 28 2007 | By Colin Holter
Hoop Dreams

As a composer of intimidating-looking music, what compromises, if any, do I need to make in order to break into the realm of symphonic writing?

Articles March 21 2007 | By Colin Holter
Sound Good to You?

I've been forced to consider a problem I've been putting off for years: My music just doesn't sound good enough.

Articles March 14 2007 | By Colin Holter
Mad Beats and New Music

Is a little bass and drum in the mix the key to hooking ears?

Articles March 7 2007 | By Colin Holter
The Ballad of the AARP Composer

One of the things I'm looking forward to most about getting older (actually, one of the only things I'm looking forward to) is the right to be as intellectually and...

Articles February 28 2007 | By Colin Holter
What’s the Matter with Michigan?

It may be the Information Age, but maybe we need those magic ruby slippers to see that the real creative wealth may be in our own backyards.

Articles February 21 2007 | By Colin Holter
What’s Hot, What’s Not

Lessons and trends gleaned from the 2007 Midwest Composers' Symposium.

Articles February 14 2007 | By Colin Holter
Accounting For Taste Position

An informal comparison of the resumes of applicants fresh out of doctoral programs in 2007 with the ones that got the baby-boomer American university composers hired back in the '70s...