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Colin Holter

Articles by Colin Holter:

Articles December 6 2006 | By Colin Holter
So What Do You Think?

While an informed opinion is always more valuable than an uninformed opinion, listeners feel that they can speak openly about their opinions, informed or un-.

Articles November 29 2006 | By Colin Holter
Bit By Bit, Putting It Together

How much equipment failure, manual-reading, and general hassle are you willing to endure to realize your electroacoustic masterpiece?

Articles November 22 2006 | By Colin Holter
Young Composers and the New Sensitivity

Concerts, festivals, classes, lessons—any opportunity for us to assemble is fertile soil for us to plant and cultivate the seeds of contempt.

Articles November 15 2006 | By Colin Holter
Kids These Days

Young composers: Stop them before it's too late!

Articles November 8 2006 | By Colin Holter
Aren’t We Past the Pencil?

Is computer notation software still even debatable, or is it just a pet issue for the Luddite fringe?

Articles November 1 2006 | By Colin Holter
Why Don’t You Come Over Here and Make Me

No composer has the power to force a listener to approach his or her piece in a particular manner. On the other hand, how can a composer write for an...

Articles October 25 2006 | By Colin Holter
Don’t Be That Guy

Who are these hypothetical composers that choose the aesthetic math problem over the big sheet of newsprint on which to finger-paint?

Articles October 18 2006 | By Colin Holter
Elements of Style

How is that music can deliver us both heavenly and hellish experiences at the same time?

Articles October 11 2006 | By Colin Holter
Music and Truth

Music is a language in which one cannot lie; is it dishonest, then, to write strictly serial music?