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Colin Holter

Articles by Colin Holter:

Articles October 19 2011 | By Colin Holter
Home Sweet Academy

Surely there are liabilities having to do with funding, participation, and even aesthetics for new music in its relationship with the university, but let's not forget that intellectual curiosity—which after...

Articles October 12 2011 | By Colin Holter
Drivers in the New Music Economy

I'd like to solicit your thoughts on whether or not it's true that a young composer whose music strongly resembles her principal teacher's is likelier to have been educated in...

Articles October 5 2011 | By Colin Holter
Attitude Adjustment

Western musicians are accustomed to digesting note material (which is to say dots and lines) first and verbal material later or not at all. In the score of YLEM, for...

Articles September 28 2011 | By Colin Holter
Higher Than an Eagle

So-called developments in musical aesthetics are bound very closely to changes in the field of production. We will imagine, in other words, what we have the means to imagine; we'll...

Articles September 21 2011 | By Colin Holter
No Reservations

I promise I'm not trying to pick on David Patrick Stearns. “Outwardly,” he writes in his review of the American premiere of James Dillon's multi-night extended work, “Nine Rivers...

Articles September 14 2011 | By Colin Holter
The Unimaginable Otherwise

Every so often—sometimes in lessons, sometimes in the classroom, sometimes in casual conversations about classical music—somebody will remark that this or that characteristic of a musical work “had to be”...

Articles September 7 2011 | By Colin Holter
Why Commemorative Concerts?

there's only one affect that musical commemorations of 9/11 are allowed to convey, namely a kind of reverent solemnity. Who can object to that? There's only one way to feel...

Articles August 31 2011 | By Colin Holter
Come On Irene

It feels so strange to be writing a post for NewMusicBox from the site's geographic home of New York, but that's just what I'm doing today: I'm in town for...

Articles August 24 2011 | By Colin Holter
Only On the Internet

File this one under "only on the internet": My Better Half and I were looking over a textbook she'll be using next semester. We noted that this book instructs students...