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Colin Holter

Articles by Colin Holter:

Articles August 17 2011 | By Colin Holter
Come Together

It's one of those things that doesn't occur to you until it does: For a bunch of musicians, my musician friends and I don't often make music together. Maybe it's...

Articles August 10 2011 | By Colin Holter
The Composer As Generalist

As the coming school year lumbers over the horizon, I've been giving some thought to the future of composition as an academic discipline. The current dicey economic climate—and the growing...

Articles August 3 2011 | By Colin Holter
Measuring Morality

Now that the initial furor over Nonesuch's cover for the upcoming Steve Reich/Kronos release WTC 9/11 has dissipated, I want to point out something about the brouhaha that should be...

Listen July 26 2011 | By Colin Holter
Sounds Heard: Christopher Shultis—Devisadero

Although Chris Shultis's career as a musician and scholar has been long and multifaceted, his colleague Richard Hermann pointed out to me that he is, in a sense, a young...

Articles July 20 2011 | By Colin Holter
The Value of Popular Music

Given the generational asymmetry that characterizes the consumption and imprinting, so to speak, of pop music—which I imagine we could quantify if we had the right market data in front...

Articles July 13 2011 | By Colin Holter
Love the One You’re With

Whether or not the Met's audience is representative of classical music audiences (maybe not), and whether or not Gelb's excitement was warranted (probably not), and whether or not the temperature...

Articles July 6 2011 | By Colin Holter
Listening By Numbers

My better half and I sometimes play the Roman Numeral Game when recorded music is playing—film credits, grocery shopping, and so on. In this simple diversion, we hold up a...

Articles June 29 2011 | By Colin Holter
Singing Telegrams

The birthday piece has to be one of the nicer rituals in the world of contemporary composition. No matter how much this cruel colosseum makes us snipe and claw each...

Articles June 22 2011 | By Colin Holter
Experimental Instruction

Over the last few years I've had the pleasure of teaching several classes in music theory and rock history, but I'll be preparing in a few months for an entirely...