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Colin Holter

Articles by Colin Holter:

Articles June 15 2011 | By Colin Holter
Composer In The Machine

Audiences who haven't read as much Barthes as we have expect to encounter a unique and expressive subjectivity, and when they learn that a piece they really dug was churned...

Articles June 8 2011 | By Colin Holter
The Medium and the Message

In the wake of some recent writing on the topic of suburban composition, I'm moved to reconsider the humble "tape" piece in a new light: Rather than a squandering of...

Articles June 1 2011 | By Colin Holter
Dolce and Johannes

Having passed my eyes over a number of Brahms's chamber pieces in the last week or two, I have a rather uninsightful observation to make: Dude loved "dolce." This expression...

Articles May 25 2011 | By Colin Holter
Music and the Political Machine

I'd like to think that the political music that I try to write now—and that the colleagues I admire most succeed in writing—strives to dismantle ideological motors rather than to...

Articles May 18 2011 | By Colin Holter
Fine In Theory

How should the last 120 years of Western concert music be periodized? There are a number of reasons why this is an issue of importance, but the most urgent (from...

Articles May 11 2011 | By Colin Holter
Bet You Can’t Hear Just One

There's a succinctness that an artfully programmed short concert can enjoy, encouraging a kind of concentration that longer concerts are likelier to strain.

Articles May 4 2011 | By Colin Holter
To Do or Not to Do: Publishing Scores Online

There seem to be two issues chiefly at stake here: first, control (over who has the scores, who can perform them, etc.); second, monetization.

Articles April 27 2011 | By Colin Holter
Good Music

Even a crowd of new music specialists generally sympathetic to one another's orientation—and who are, moreover, friends!—might have diametric reactions to a new piece.

Articles April 20 2011 | By Colin Holter
Notation Optional Composing

As "crossover" artists continue to take advantage of their unique position, one in which two distinct kinds of cultural capital—the "Western composer" kind and the "hip creative person" kind—are abundantly...