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Yotam Haber

New York, NY      

Yotam Haber was born in Holland and grew up in Israel, Nigeria, and Milwaukee. He received a 2012 Fromm Music Foundation commission, the 2007-2008 Frederic A. Juilliard/Walter Damrosch Rome Prize and a 2005 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship. Recent commissions include two works for Pritzker Prize-winning architect Peter Zumthor; new works for New York-based Contemporaneous, Gabriel Kahane, Either/Or, and Alarm Will Sound; the 2012 Venice Biennale; 2012 Bang on a Can Summer Festival; the Neuvocalsolisten Stuttgart and ensemble l’arsenale; FLUX Quartet, JACK Quartet, Cantori New York, and the Berlin-based Quartet New Generation. He recently completed an evening-length work, A More Convenient Season, that premiered in 2013 with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra, commemorating the 1963 Baptist Church bombing. It will be presented in LA’s REDCAT/Disney Hall in January 2014. Haber is formerly Artistic Director of MATA, the non-profit organization founded by Philip Glass, that has, since 1996, been dedicated to commissioning and presenting new works by young composers from around the world. He is currently working on Voice Imitator, a music and visual art collaboration with recent MacArthur Fellow, Anna Schuleit. In 2013-14, he serves as Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of New Orleans. His music is published by RAI Trade.

Articles by Yotam Haber:

Articles April 2 2008 | By Yotam Haber
Composing By Committee

I'm struck by the long, fruitful partnerships that Osvaldo Golijov creates with performers, but my only reservation to his process comes when considering the fine line one crosses in such...

Articles March 25 2008 | By Yotam Haber
Wasting Time

Chris Rouse watches soap operas while composing. Kabalevsky would write during parties. How do you work...or avoid work?

Articles March 11 2008 | By Yotam Haber
You Don’t Own Her

How do you recover a relationship with music you feel once "belonged" to someone else?

Articles March 4 2008 | By Yotam Haber
Let’s Have a Fair

Art fairs are the cool destination in the contemporary art world. Why isn't this happening in the new music world? Is our club still too exclusive?

Articles February 26 2008 | By Yotam Haber
A Little Sunshine Does a Composer Good

Hearing my music performed reminds me that I am a musician—a seemingly obvious idea, but one that seems to slip to the wayside when I do necessary, yet not very...

Articles February 12 2008 | By Yotam Haber
What’s Shakin’ at the AAR?

Everyone is busy planning our President's Day party.

Articles February 6 2008 | By Yotam Haber
The Telephone Game

I am exploring the idea that there is some kind of bond between the music sung by Jews in the Second Temple and the music sung today, through an unbroken...

Articles January 29 2008 | By Yotam Haber
Since It Is Absurd

Three days ago, I read a history of the Jews in Rome, and now I am angry in a way that can't be pushed to the back burner.

Articles January 22 2008 | By Yotam Haber
Letters of Recommendation

I can't say I recommend three-hour new music concerts—it's mentally exhausting for me—but by the looks of it, Roman audiences can't get enough.