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Yotam Haber

New York, NY      

Yotam Haber was born in Holland and grew up in Israel, Nigeria, and Milwaukee. He received a 2012 Fromm Music Foundation commission, the 2007-2008 Frederic A. Juilliard/Walter Damrosch Rome Prize and a 2005 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship. Recent commissions include two works for Pritzker Prize-winning architect Peter Zumthor; new works for New York-based Contemporaneous, Gabriel Kahane, Either/Or, and Alarm Will Sound; the 2012 Venice Biennale; 2012 Bang on a Can Summer Festival; the Neuvocalsolisten Stuttgart and ensemble l’arsenale; FLUX Quartet, JACK Quartet, Cantori New York, and the Berlin-based Quartet New Generation. He recently completed an evening-length work, A More Convenient Season, that premiered in 2013 with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra, commemorating the 1963 Baptist Church bombing. It will be presented in LA’s REDCAT/Disney Hall in January 2014. Haber is formerly Artistic Director of MATA, the non-profit organization founded by Philip Glass, that has, since 1996, been dedicated to commissioning and presenting new works by young composers from around the world. He is currently working on Voice Imitator, a music and visual art collaboration with recent MacArthur Fellow, Anna Schuleit. In 2013-14, he serves as Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of New Orleans. His music is published by RAI Trade.

Articles by Yotam Haber:

Articles January 15 2008 | By Yotam Haber
Modern Music as a Political Statement

I was amazed to see virtually the entire audience remain for a performance of Luigi Nono's A floresta é jovem e cheja de vida, which came last on the second...

Articles January 8 2008 | By Yotam Haber
Getting Lost in the Music

When listeners get lost in a piece, what can I do to more clearly lead the way?

Articles December 27 2007 | By Yotam Haber
Passion and Consumption

A few days ago a heated debate broke out between some of the fellows about the nature of art: two fellows were vociferously arguing that the only art that really...

Articles December 18 2007 | By Yotam Haber
Paint You a Symphony

When I realized that the usual way that I compose wasn't working, I found a huge scroll of paper and tried something completely different.

Articles December 11 2007 | By Yotam Haber
Lies and Misdemeanors (Funny Hat Optional)

Strippers, puppets, and Barbie dolls—or, rather, a risk-embracing new music concert in Rome.

Articles December 4 2007 | By Yotam Haber
Free Write Now

At what point in your career can you afford to turn down a non-paying request for music?

Articles November 27 2007 | By Yotam Haber
Dangerous Listening

I'm exploring an interesting psychosomatic illness—rapid heartbeat, dizziness, confusion, and even hallucinations in the face of too much beautiful art.

Articles November 20 2007 | By Yotam Haber
On Vacation from Rome

I've been in Paris and Prague, on "vacation" from the AAR, visiting friends and exploring cities that I don't know very well, hoping that may spark a measure or two...

Articles November 13 2007 | By Yotam Haber
The Sadness of Eating Jellyfish

Forget the abstractness of music—aren't I trying to express ideas and emotions that we all have?