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Aaron Holloway-Nahum

London, GB         

Articles by Aaron Holloway-Nahum:

Headlines October 19 2016 | By Aaron Holloway-Nahum
Some Thoughts About Dorico The Morning After

We naturally only skimmed along the surface of the program during the event (and I haven’t had the chance to trial it), but even from the short presentation we had,...

Articles June 29 2015 | By Aaron Holloway-Nahum
Realizing Unrealized Projects

A lot of our most highly funded institutions and visible organizations are dominated by quickly aging visions of making music. This stretches from professional ensembles and orchestras to the academies...

Articles June 22 2015 | By Aaron Holloway-Nahum
Curation as a Third Possible Activity for Composers

Since we cannot be those who hold the door open for our own work, we should be a community dedicated to holding the doors open for one-another.

Articles June 15 2015 | By Aaron Holloway-Nahum
Curation is Not a Form of Marketing

Nobody has a fulfilling experience if the music is asking for something the venue cannot provide, nor if a venue is calling out for new types of performance while we...

Articles June 8 2015 | By Aaron Holloway-Nahum
New Music Needs Curators

In the world of new music, curating is mostly a word we’ve usurped for use in funding applications and marketing materials. We use it because it sounds better to say...