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Arlene and Larry Dunn

Oberlin, OH            

Arlene (she/her) and Larry (he/him) Dunn are pure amateurs of adventurous music in a broad range of styles and practices. They avidly follow, support, and promote many music ensembles and artists. They are Contributing Editors for I CARE IF YOU LISTEN, the online journal of contemporary music, and audience-perspective bloggers (and occasional performers) for International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE). Arlene and Larry are founding members of the Advisory Board of New Music New College in Sarasota, FL. Larry is a former trustee and current Advisory Board member for the Northern Ohio Youth Orchestra (NOYO). In celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary, they recently endowed the Arlene and Larry Dunn Composer in Residence chair at NOYO, which is awarded each season to an Oberlin Conservatory student composer from a marginalized community.  

Articles by Arlene and Larry Dunn:

NewMusicBox April 20 2020 | By Arlene and Larry Dunn
Our Journey to Olly Wilson: Remixed and Beyond

Our own journey with Olly Wilson began in 2014. We were entranced by the music and intrigued by the man, who clearly carried a special spirit. As a “Special COVID-19...