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Adam Tendler

New York, NY            

A 2019 recipient of the Lincoln Center Award for Emerging Artists, Adam Tendler has been called a “remarkable and insightful musician…who made his piano sound like its legs were nowhere near the ground” by the LA Times, “a virtuoso pianist” by The Village Voice  “musical mastermind” by the Houston Press, a “probing and persuasive…quietly charismatic… intrepid… outstanding… maverick pianist” by The New Yorker, a “modern-music evangelist” by Time Out New York, and a pianist “with a showman’s knack” (San Francisco Chronicle) who “has managed to get behind and underneath the notes, living inside the music and making poetic sense of it all,” by The Baltimore Sun, who continued, “if they gave medals for musical bravery, dexterity and perseverance, Adam Tendler would earn them all.” New York Times critic Anthony Tommasini reported that Tendler played an outdoor performance of John Cage’s music “captivatingly,” and that “the wondrously subdued sounds silenced many, who listened closely even as street bustle and chirping birds blended in.”London critic Frances Wilson described Tendler’s memorized performance of Morton Feldman’s Palais de Mari at London’s St. John’s Smith Square as “a concentrated listening experience…meditative, intense and beautifully poised.” The Herald-Tribune Sarasota wrote, “By performing [John Cage’s] Sonatas and Interludes not only from memory, but in a darkened room, no light on the piano at all, he played with a natural authority demanding his audience to turn inward and tune in only to the music.” And the new music blog, “i care if you listen,” described Tendler’s recent performance at The Kitchen in New York City as “virtuosic… eerie… agonizing… distressing.” Tendler’s album, Robert Palmer: Piano Music was released by New World Records in April 2019, and he published his second book, tidepools, in December 2018. 

Articles by Adam Tendler:

NewMusicBox April 24 2019 | By Adam Tendler
In Search of Robert Palmer

Pianist Adam Tendler spent more than a decade researching the life and work of Robert Palmer and made an album of his music "when no one asked for it. But...