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Anne LeBaron

Los Angeles, CA            

A Los Angeles-based experimentalist who is an innovative performer on the harp as well as a composer embracing unusual challenges, Anne LeBaron’s compositions have been performed around the globe. Venues in Italy, Mexico, Sydney, Vienna, Sweden, Kazakhstan, New York, Los Angeles, Italy, and elsewhere have programmed her works for chamber ensemble, orchestra, opera, and chorus, and presented her as a performer. She teaches music composition at CalArts. For more information please visit her website.

Articles by Anne LeBaron:

Articles June 12 2010 | By Anne LeBaron
VNPAC: Emerging from wreckamovie—The First Social Opera

For my second afternoon at the Opera America conference, I was attracted to the session focused on the first social opera in the world, the Savonlinna Opera Festival's Opera by...

Articles June 11 2010 | By Anne LeBaron
VNPAC: Any Room For Composers?

This year, the Opera America Conference is vibrating around two centerpieces: the LA Opera production of Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle and the 40th anniversary of Opera America.