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Alex Shapiro

Friday Harbor, WA         

Alex Shapiro aligns notes from her home on San Juan Island, WA, hoping that at least a few of them will sound good next to each other. Her persistence at this activity, as well as at non-fiction music writing, public speaking, arts advocacy, wildlife photography, and the shameless instigation of insufferable puns, has led to a happy life. Shapiro’s acoustic and electroacoustic works are found on over thirty albums from around the world. 

Articles by Alex Shapiro:

NewMusicBox September 12 2018 | By Alex Shapiro
Dissing The Competition

Rather than pay fees to competitions that one is statistically unlikely to win, a composer’s efforts and money will be far better devoted to attending music conferences and new music...

NewMusicBox April 14 2016 | By Alex Shapiro
Roundtable: Let’s Make a List

Money has nothing to do with the quality of anyone’s music. That said, for those who choose to put together a living from composing, there are myriad avenues for monetizing...

NewMusicBox August 6 2014 | By Alex Shapiro
In Response: You’re an Artist AND an Entrepreneur

No authentic, talented artist is ever going to forget the importance of the quality of the art that they create just because they wish to earn a living from it....

NewMusicBox January 27 2010 | By Alex Shapiro
The Economy of Exposure: Publicity as Payment?

Though recordings are no longer especially financially remunerative in this digital age, there does exist something uniquely valuable and not reproducible: the artists themselves.

NewMusicBox January 13 2010 | By Alex Shapiro
What I Learned About My Tiny Business From Paramount Pictures

I was invited to testify before the Federal Communications Commission in the fall of 2009 about two issues: digital piracy and rural broadband access. The former, because I am a...

NewMusicBox January 6 2010 | By Alex Shapiro
As Important as the Printing Press: Net Neutrality and Artists’ Freedom

Our ability to share our creations around the world lies in our access to the necessary portal.

NewMusicBox June 16 2008 | By Alex Shapiro
The Impact of NPAC

I returned home from Denver with a renewed focus and excitement about what I'd like to accomplish this summer. That kind of clarity is a byproduct of the vibration that...

NewMusicBox April 9 2008 | By Alex Shapiro
Making an Asset Out of Your eSelf

It's never been easier to build fan bases and generate income from our work; your enpixelated interface with the world is where your income generation will often begin.

NewMusicBox November 14 2007 | By Alex Shapiro
All The Things You Are: Five Suggestions for Composing Your Happiness

A rewarding music career begins with three distinctly non-musical concepts: positive vision, abundant thinking, and a sense of self-worth.