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Andrew Rodriguez

Champaign, IL         

Andrew M. Rodriguez is a composer and producer based in Illinois. His intimate history as a performer in the American punk/hardcore scene to formulates the core of his musical identity. Rodriguez’s interest in music began with stints as guitarist for various metal/hardcore bands as a teenager. This background has fostered an interest in meaningful collaboration and creating relationships with the performers and artists he works with. Andrew’s production credits range from punk rock/alternative to contemporary classical releases. Recent collaborations and commissions include A/B Duo, F-Plus, Megan Ihnen and Alan Theisen present…, and the National Flute Association. He holds degrees from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and Hardin-Simmons University.

Articles by Andrew Rodriguez:

NewMusicBox December 26 2018 | By Andrew Rodriguez
The Collaborative Studio: Suggestions for Your Next Recording Project

Wrapping up his series on collaboration in the recording studio, Andrew Rodriguez offers five suggestions for those who may be new to the studio experience—either as a producer or performer—or...

NewMusicBox December 17 2018 | By Andrew Rodriguez
The Collaborative Studio: The Past, Present, and Future of Classical Music Production

Instead of the recording acting as an archival document, it can become an expansion of the music itself. On record, you can provide a unique look into a piece of...

NewMusicBox December 10 2018 | By Andrew Rodriguez
The Collaborative Studio: A Look into the Process of Producing Non-Classical Music

The goal of being a producer or a teacher isn’t to create carbon copies of yourself or your tastes. Instead, you work harder to help artists or your students achieve...

NewMusicBox December 4 2018 | By Andrew Rodriguez
The Collaborative Studio: Roles and Expectations

Working in a studio environment has been one of the most beneficial experiences in my musical development, and I want to encourage musicians to take full advantage of the possibilities...