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R. Andrew Lee

Denver, CO            

“Sterling technique” -Pitchfork

“Poise and intelligence” -The Guardian

“Consistently impressive” -New York Times

“Nothing short of a miracle” -Sequenza21

“Genuine affection… scholarly attention to detail.” -The Wire

“Effectively rewrote the history of minimalism in one swoop” -Detroit Metro Times

Personal Bio

My name is R. Andrew Lee, but you can call me Andy. I’m a pianist who plays a lot of new music, particularly of a minimalist bent, some of which I’ve recorded. I live in Denver, and I’m a proud to say I’m from Kansas City. I’m married and have two daughters and one son. I take my grilling and drinking seriously and have a penchant for interesting socks.

Boring Bio in the style of every other boring bio you’ve ever read

Pianist R. Andrew Lee is one of the foremost interpreters of minimal music. He has been described as having “consistently impressive solo releases” (New York Times), and his CD, Eva-Maria Houben: Piano Music, was chosen by Alex Ross in The New Yorker as one of the Top 10 Classical Recordings of 2013. In his tenure with the Irritable Hedgehog label, he has recorded eight albums, including the premiere recording of Dennis Johnson’s 5-hour minimalist epic, November, which was selected byTime Out New York as the best classical recording of 2013.

Lee has dedicated himself to the performance and recording of new music. He has premiered or released the premiere recording of compositions by many composers whose work lie on the boundaries of minimal music. Current projects include a 3+ hour commission for piano and live electronics from Randy Gibson and a disc of music by Paul A. Epstein, whose music lies at the intersection of total serialism and minimalism.

Lee has performed in a number of venues dedicated to experimental music around the world, including the STUK Arts Centre (Leuven, Belgium), Café OTO (London), ISSUE Project Room (New York) and Gallery345 (Toronto). He has also been invited to speak and perform at music departments known for their exploration of the avant-garde such as the University of Huddersfield and the California Institute of the Arts.

The intersection of minimal music and temporality is a primary research interest for Lee. As such, he has presented papers and lecture-recitals at several international conferences, most recently the Fourth International Conference on Minimalist Music (California State University, Long Beach) and Time’s Excesses and Eccentricities in Music, Literature and Art (Université de Caen Basse-Normandie). His writing has been published by Divergence Press.

Lee currently teaches at Regis University in Denver, Colorado, and was most recently Artist-in-Residence at Avila University. Lee received his DMA in Piano Performance from the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music, where he studied under the direction of Prof. John McIntyre. He has also earned a masters in piano performance from UMKC and a bachelors in piano performance from Truman State University, where he studied under Dr. David McKamie.

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