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Adam Schumaker

Kalamazoo, MI         

Adam Schumaker’s compositional style still lies somewhere in the nebulous definition of post-tonal tonality & post-minimalist commercially pop driven art music . Schumaker’s compositions are influenced by the scope of the project, the mission, the collaborator, and the surroundings. Most of the time, pragmatic decisions drive creation. Philosophically, Adam believes there is no “right way” to compose… rather, there is just a more effective way, dependent on the task at hand.

Adam began writing songs in high school and never turned back. His early songs had complex structures and interesting tonal relationships, so his habit naturally grew into a B.A. in Music from Principia College, where he focused on trumpet performance and composition, and then an M.M. in Composition from Western Michigan University, where he met his wife and focused on falling in love. He is still in love so something must have clicked during that time.

One time, Phillip Glass and Terry Riley stole a seat that Schumaker had purchased a ticket for. He just shrugged and just sat next to them.

Another time, Adam’s compositions were played on a hospital bed designed by Stryker for Intensive Care Unit’s. He really wants to experience the playback on location, but not that much.

Recently projects include the world premieres of “six inspirations for piano & little synth” performed by Cassandra Kaczor, and “piano trio no. 1” performed by Ahmed Anzaldua, Joanna Steinhauser, and David Peshlakai at the January 15th concert “An Auditory Inconvenience” at Kalamazoo College.

Schumaker is the Director of Education for The Irving S. Gilmore International Keyboard Festival, and is an indefinitely-visiting professor of music theory and composition at Kalamazoo College.

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