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Brent Michael Davids

Bowler, WI         

Brent Michael Davids is a concert and film composer, co-director of the Lenape Center in Manhattan, and citizen of the Mohican Nation. As an American Indian music specialist, consultant, and educator, Davids co-founded the Native American Composer Apprentice Project. Davids serves on the Institute for Composer Diversity’s Executive Council. Master performer of indigenous instruments and styles. Designer of original musical instruments. Two music composition degrees. Trained at Sundance Institute. Apprenticed with film composer Stephen Warbeck.

Articles by Brent Michael Davids:

NewMusicBox November 21 2019 | By Brent Michael Davids
Cultural Appropriation in Classical Music?

Though it seems ironic, acultural neutrality is a narrative the West has culturally taught itself. Minute cultural awarenesses break through sometimes, but often the positive changes we are desperate for...