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Brian Harnetty

Columbus, OH            

BRIAN HARNETTY is an interdisciplinary artist using sound and listening to foster social change. His projects bring together place, myth, history, ecology, and economy in Appalachian Ohio, informed by his family’s roots there. Harnetty has received the MAP Fund Grant (2020), the A Blade of Grass Fellowship for Socially Engaged Art in Contemplative Practices (2018), the Creative Capital Performing Arts Award (2016), and has twice received MOJO Magazine’s “Underground Album of the Year” (2019, 2013).

Articles by Brian Harnetty:

Articles February 29 2016 | By Brian Harnetty
Listening to Protest and Resistance in the “Little Cities of Black Diamonds”

Certain sounds of resistance—shouting, speeches, chanting, and singing—simultaneously bring together and diffuse, and meaningfully hold in suspension situations that could easily descend into chaos and violence.

Articles February 22 2016 | By Brian Harnetty
Listening to Social Life in the “Little Cities of Black Diamonds”

New and archival recordings offer a glimpse of social life in the Little Cities--sonic insights that open up an archive of ideas for a careful listener willing to jump on...

Articles February 16 2016 | By Brian Harnetty
Listening to Labor in the “Little Cities of Black Diamonds”

For miners, sound often answers questions about work and safety. For composers, recording and carefully listening to the sounds of a region can suggest ways of bridging between place and...

Articles February 8 2016 | By Brian Harnetty
Place, Sound, History, Now: Listening to the “Little Cities of Black Diamonds”

Archival and contemporary sounds of a place connect the listener to the people and history of an area. This sonic ethnography may then become material for creative projects in unique...