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Cas Martin


Cas Martin is a rising senior at Smith College. An avid trombonist, educator, and activist, Cas focuses his work on making music accessible to young people in all communities. He is currently the Ensembles Manager at the Smith College Department of Music and a Public Policy Intern at the National Association for Music Education (NAfME). 

Articles by Cas Martin:

Articles June 28 2018 | By Cas Martin
This Is What Democracy Looks Like: Music Advocacy on Capitol Hill

We know that the life-changing capacity of music is worth fighting for, but can its voice be heard on Capitol Hill?

Articles June 21 2018 | By Cas Martin
Re-Imagining Collegiate Music Education

College music ensembles have seen a significant decline in membership. This week, Cas Martin digs into potential barriers for continuing music education and proposes cost-effective methods for ensemble retention and...

Articles June 14 2018 | By Cas Martin
What’s In a Name? The Orchestra and Its Community

Groups from the New York Philharmonic to the San Francisco Symphony hold an obligation to their namesake communities. But socioeconomic and demographic gaps can create tension between the ensemble and...

Articles June 7 2018 | By Cas Martin
An Ode to Pride Month

Music presents a unique opportunity for community building and self-expression that can be life-changing for a transgender child. Its accessibility could prove invaluable for trans/GNC students’ continued success, comfort, and...