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Brian Chin

Seattle, WA   

Yamaha Artist Brian Chin is an international soloist, the founder of Common Tone Arts, a non-profit organization inspiring positive change through arts education and music, and the Artistic Director of the Universal Language Project, a new music-centric multi-arts concert series. Brian is also an active composer and improviser; performs with the innovative ensemble TORCH; appears regularly with the Seattle Symphony; is the retired Principal Trumpet of the Tacoma Symphony Orchestra; and is Chair of the Department of Music at Seattle Pacific University.

Articles by Brian Chin:

Articles March 31 2016 | By Brian Chin
Space Matters: A Call for Community Action

With our collective action, it is within our grasp to begin to create a new kind of concert hall for the 21st century—bringing in new audiences, inspiring new generations through...

Articles March 24 2016 | By Brian Chin
Music is So Flippin’ Hard: Adversity Training for Musicians

We have spent thousands of hours in practice rooms and countless hours alone composing, practicing, and pursuing funding.  Music is hard. But we can use the adversity training idea to...

Articles March 17 2016 | By Brian Chin
Pursuing Diversity: New Voices, New Sounds

Surrounding ourselves with a diversity of people will help to make us smarter and more creative. Building it into our projects will continue to result in innovative works and better...

Articles March 10 2016 | By Brian Chin
Power of the Project-Based Life

To thrive in the 21st century, we need to rethink our philosophies around how we conceive of success and our methods of making money. What would it look like if...