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Chris Kallmyer

San Francisco, CA      

“not everyone would call this music…” – Los Angeles Times

Chris Kallmyer is an composer that works with sound and spaces. His work explores a participatory approach to making music through touch, taste, and process using everyday objects to point to who we are and where we live. The work invites a rethinking of the traditional audience/performer relationship through workshops, installations, and site-based explorations of sound and listening. Chris works as a core collaborator with Machine Project and the modern-music-collective wild Up. He has presented work in a wide variety of contexts, including the Walker Art Center, Disney Hall, Hammer Museum, Getty Center, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, among others.

Chris earned his MFA in music from the California Institute of the Arts where he studied music with Vinny Golia, Wadada Leo Smith, Morton Subotnick, and Aashish Khan. 

Articles by Chris Kallmyer:

Articles March 27 2014 | By Chris Kallmyer
Goofing off, Perfected: Lessons from Fluxus

Fluxus and their Event Scores point to our human condition in a way that is wildly dynamic. The score is an invitation, a call to action, and first-hand study and...

Articles March 20 2014 | By Chris Kallmyer
On the Purpose of Art in 700 Words or Less

Moving to a new town has triggered something inside of me that makes me question everything I do. In trying to analyze the elements of music—Where does it take place?...

Articles March 13 2014 | By Chris Kallmyer
Tilting the Frame: Notes on an Alternative Education

If our aim is to become smart and savvy makers of sound and performance, what models can be adopted from other fields to encourage the development of new works, new...

Articles March 6 2014 | By Chris Kallmyer
Towards a More Visceral Living

I often feel that without a detailed study of our music we become lost but, even worse, with only a detailed study of our music we become boring. Embracing a...

Articles February 8 2012 | By Chris Kallmyer
Sonic Cartography and the Perception of Place

The reason people enjoy music is not for the sonic aspects alone, but for its ability to create an environment where we feel closer to one another.

Articles February 23 2011 | By Chris Kallmyer
Place, Space, and Music: Experiments in Context

Perhaps new music is not inaccessible, but the concert hall is.