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Passepartout Duo


Ever since they began collaborating in 2015, the musicians of Passepartout Duo have been known for their tireless advocacy of new music, ideas that cross aesthetic boundaries, and the compelling films they create. Driven by their shared values of music, people, and travel, Nicoletta Favari & Christopher Salvito‘s simple and elegant approach has already earned them a reputation as a thoughtful and promising emerging group within the contemporary music field

The work of the duo has been described as, “globalized and far-reaching and provocative and, yes, even beautiful” by the Lake Champlain Weekly. In addition to performing across dozens of countries and scores of US states, the duo has performed at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in England, the Norfolk Chamber Music Festival in Connecticut, the Havana Contemporary Music Festival in Cuba, the KlangBasel Festival in Switzerland, the Dark Music Days Festival in Iceland, and the Summartónar Festival in the Faroe Islands.

The Duo was also selected as an ensemble to attend the Eighth Blackbird Creative Lab 2017. 

Articles by Passepartout Duo:

NewMusicBox August 30 2018 | By Passepartout Duo
Artist Residencies: All Costs Considered

Perhaps we are early adopters of something that wouldn’t have been possible even a decade ago. Traveling has never been cheaper; it’s possible to work from anywhere in the world;...

Articles August 23 2018 | By Passepartout Duo
Artist residencies for musicians: 5 tips on the application process

Finding affordable housing and a space to do one’s work is a task on the minds of many emerging artists; artist residencies provide a solution, freeing up time and space...

Articles August 16 2018 | By Passepartout Duo
Morocco, Iceland, Finland, and Cyprus: To Change and Be Changed

The Passepartout Duo has embraced the benefits of continual travel for music. While every artist residency is different in its financial burden, its scope, and its circumstance, this week they...

Articles August 9 2018 | By Passepartout Duo
Passepartout Duo: Music on the Move

At this point, the Passepartout Duo has completely given up location-dependent life. Their home moves from month to month, and this has profoundly changed their musical practice.