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Colin Holter

Articles by Colin Holter:

NewMusicBox April 12 2019 | By Colin Holter
A Newly Endowed Residency Program for Underrepresented Composers

Why are the seventy northeastern Ohio high-schoolers in this room so psyched to be playing music nobody’s ever played before? The short answer: because of Arlene and Larry Dunn, whose...

NewMusicBox April 29 2014 | By Colin Holter
Sounds Heard: Thomas DeLio—Selected Compositions (1991-2013)

Neuma catalog items 450-108 and 450-201 are, respectively, a CD and a DVD (whose job is mostly to support multichannel audio; only one piece includes a video component) that together...

NewMusicBox February 18 2014 | By Colin Holter
Sounds Heard: Big Robot

Viewing last year's self-titled DVD from Indianapolis "computer-acoustic trio" Big Robot is an exercise in forbearance. The DVD includes six audiovisual pieces, the last of which is divided into three...

NewMusicBox April 25 2012 | By Colin Holter
This Is the End: On Having Been a Student Composer

This is my last post. Rereading my very first post—March 15, 2006—I'm reminded just how much time has passed since I started making these weekly attempts to better understand contemporary...

NewMusicBox April 18 2012 | By Colin Holter
Invite a Bird Inside

The problem of stock compositional "moves" weighs on my mind: What are the consequences of returning to a much-drawn-from personal well of musical ideas (at any level, from concrete material...

NewMusicBox April 11 2012 | By Colin Holter
Judgement Call

Having written many semesters' worth of unwarrantedly difficult music, I've lived many times over the student composer's plight when it comes to locking down players in the absence of a...

NewMusicBox April 4 2012 | By Colin Holter
The Lie of Exposure

I'm not sure what prompted master of ceremonies Colin Hacklander to pursue Eagles #34 as a venue for experimental music, but I'm glad he did it. The only disappointment was...

NewMusicBox March 28 2012 | By Colin Holter
Be Our Guest!

There is, in other words, no excuse to be careless with concerts—no excuse for unthoughtful programming, no excuse for allowing people to be noisy outside, no excuse for doing anything...

NewMusicBox March 21 2012 | By Colin Holter
Graduate School: A Backward Glance

In the handful of posts remaining to me, I'd like to examine some of the issues that my rounds in the ring as a NewMusicBoxer have clarified for me. For...