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Dale Trumbore

Los Angeles, CA         

Dale Trumbore is a Los Angeles-based composer and writer whose compositions have been performed by ensembles including the American Contemporary Music Ensemble (ACME), Los Angeles Master Chorale, Los Angeles Children’s Chorus, Modesto Symphony, and Pasadena Symphony. She has written extensively about working through creative blocks and establishing a career in music in essays for 21CM, Cantate Magazine, and NewMusicBox, as well as in her book Staying Composed: Overcoming Anxiety and Self-Doubt Within a Creative Life.

Articles by Dale Trumbore:

NewMusicBox May 29 2019 | By Dale Trumbore
Don’t Wait Until You Hear Sirens

In a few weeks, Dale Trumbore is publishing a book about anxiety in the creative process—Staying Composed: Overcoming Anxiety and Self-Doubt Within a Creative Life. In advance, she shares her...

NewMusicBox December 5 2017 | By Dale Trumbore
When Everything Utterly Sucks

Somewhere in the homestretch of writing a new composition, I become convinced—temporarily, falsely—that not only is there nothing redeemable about this awful piece, but that composing itself is meaningless, I've...

NewMusicBox April 24 2017 | By Dale Trumbore
Self-Plagiarism and the Evolution of Style

A composer's style becomes distinctive not only because certain ideas are present in many of their compositions, but because that composer has made compelling artistic choices deliberately and repeatedly across...

NewMusicBox April 17 2017 | By Dale Trumbore
On Being a “Choral Composer”

I'd urge any other composer contemplating a full-time composing career to ask the same questions I considered: What work do you most enjoy doing? What work of yours have others...

NewMusicBox April 10 2017 | By Dale Trumbore
Bringing a Residency Home

The time at a residency feels sacred, and for that brief period, your life is centered around the pursuit of creativity.

NewMusicBox April 3 2017 | By Dale Trumbore
Living a Long-Form Life

We don’t need to imagine that one big performance or one big award will be responsible for making our entire career. Instead, we can ask ourselves what we’ll try to...

NewMusicBox May 26 2015 | By Dale Trumbore
Why I’m Not Getting a Doctorate

When she graduated with her master's degree, Dale Trumbore give herself three years to try composing as a full-on career before considering any more schooling. She hasn't returned to the...

NewMusicBox May 18 2015 | By Dale Trumbore
Mantras & Filters: Overcoming Composer’s Block

I've finally figured out how to break through the filter of self-doubt on a fairly reliable basis. For me, what works is a series of mantras—nuggets of wisdom from people...

NewMusicBox May 11 2015 | By Dale Trumbore
Watching TV at Copland House

There may be no greater way to make yourself feel like a bad composer—the worst composer, really—than watching the fluffiest of all fluffy shows in the house of one of...