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Dale Trumbore

Los Angeles, CA            

My compositions have been commissioned, awarded and performed widely in the U.S. and internationally by a diverse group of outstanding ensembles. These include ACDA, ACME, Ansan City Choir, the Boston New Music Initiative, Center City Opera Theater, Chanticleer, Choral Arts Initiative, The Esoterics, Eugene Contemporary Chamber Ensemble, Kronos Quartet, Inscape Chamber Orchestra, The Master Chorale of Tampa Bay, Northwest Symphony Orchestra, The Singers - Minnesota Choral Artists, the USC Thornton Symphony, and VocalEssence. 

This season, I’m looking forward to premieres of newly-commissioned works by Choral Arts (Seattle), CHAI Collaborative Chamber Ensemble (with soprano Gillian Hollis), Christ Church Cathedral Choir (at the American Guild of Organists' 2016 National Conference), the Ithaca College Choir, the Ripon College Chamber Singers, Magpies & Ravens, WomenSing, and the sixteen commissioning members of the “Christmas Past, Christmas Future” carol consortium. Locally, I’m thrilled to be working with several Los Angeles-area ensembles—the Los Angeles Master Chorale, the Hollywood Master Chorale, and L.A. Choral Lab—as well as continuing to serve as Composer in Residence for Nova Vocal Ensemble (Glendale, CA).

As a composer who works frequently with text, I'm passionate about setting poems and prose by living authors to music. I've worked with contemporary writers including Barbara Crooker, Kristina Darling, Annie Finch, Amy Fleury, Laura Foley, Stacy Gnall, Julie Kane, and Diane Thiel. My works for voice are published through Boosey & Hawkes, G. Schirmer, and MusicSpoke.

I received a dual undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland: a B.M. in Composition and a B.A. in English Language & Literature. After neglecting my English degree for six years, I’ve been writing again; this year, I've had articles published by ACDA's Cantate Magazine, the Center for New Music, MusicSpoke, and NewMusicBox.

I decided to stay put in Los Angeles after graduating with my master's degree in Composition from the University of Southern California, where I studied with Morten Lauridsen and Donald Crockett. Recently, artist residencies at Copland House (Cortlandt Manor, New York), Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts (Saratoga, WY), and the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation (Taos, New Mexico) have provided some of the most challenging, inspiring, and ultimately exhilarating composing experiences of my life.

Articles by Dale Trumbore:

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Bringing a Residency Home

The time at a residency feels sacred, and for that brief period, your life is centered around the pursuit of creativity.

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Living a Long-Form Life

We don’t need to imagine that one big performance or one big award will be responsible for making our entire career. Instead, we can ask ourselves what we’ll try to...

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Why I’m Not Getting a Doctorate

When she graduated with her master's degree, Dale Trumbore give herself three years to try composing as a full-on career before considering any more schooling. She hasn't returned to the...

Articles May 18 2015 | By Dale Trumbore
Mantras & Filters: Overcoming Composer’s Block

I've finally figured out how to break through the filter of self-doubt on a fairly reliable basis. For me, what works is a series of mantras—nuggets of wisdom from people...

Articles May 11 2015 | By Dale Trumbore
Watching TV at Copland House

There may be no greater way to make yourself feel like a bad composer—the worst composer, really—than watching the fluffiest of all fluffy shows in the house of one of...

Articles May 4 2015 | By Dale Trumbore
On Not Composing

“What are you working on now?” Few—if any—composers are willing to admit when we're not writing anything. It's time to acknowledge that in a creative practice, a period of rest...

Articles December 12 2013 | By Dale Trumbore
Competition Fees: How Much is Too Much?

Where should one draw the line when it comes to application fees? How much is too much? And when it is too much, what is the best way to communicate...