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Dan Joseph

Brooklyn, NY            

Dan Joseph is a composer, performer, writer and curator based in New York City. For the past fifteen years, the hammer dulcimer has been the primary vehicle for his music and he is active as a performer with his own chamber ensemble, The Dan Joseph Ensemble, as well as in various improvisational collaborations and as a soloist. He produces the monthly music and sound series Musical Ecologies in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and is a contributing writer to The Brooklyn Rail, Musicworks Magazine and NewMusicBox.org. In 2017, the venerable New York based new music label XI Records released a 2 CD retrospective of his electroacoustic and mixed-media works titled Electroacoustic Works.

Articles by Dan Joseph:

NewMusicBox November 30 2017 | By Dan Joseph
Here’s A Plan

We can’t bring back the cheap rent, abundant loft spaces, and free time that helped us to form our own independent ensembles, but we do have the internet. Music is...

NewMusicBox November 16 2017 | By Dan Joseph
What Keeps Us Going?

Though I was relieved of the notion that I might earn my living making the music I make long ago, the idea still obviously dominates our culture, and as our...

NewMusicBox November 9 2017 | By Dan Joseph
Going it Alone

Given where we are today, what options actually are there for a composer with a more independent, unaffiliated profile?

NewMusicBox November 2 2017 | By Dan Joseph
What Does It Mean To Be A Mid-Career Composer?

Being a “mid-career” composer can be a somewhat confusing designation, but it has Dan Joseph asking some hard questions: If I just keep doing what I’ve been doing, will an...

NewMusicBox December 3 2014 | By Dan Joseph
Thank You For Your Reply

Music people, in general, have always seemed to possess a higher level of character and integrity in pursuit of a particular calling. But it seems that now, even in the...

NewMusicBox January 10 2013 | By Dan Joseph
Are You Putting Me On?

I am no proselytizer for modernism, but at least I accept that it happened and that our music and culture have been forever altered by it. Nothing is essentially wrong...

NewMusicBox December 5 2012 | By Dan Joseph
My (       ) Generation

I have regular contact with many older composers, and increasingly many younger ones, but apart from a few close composer friends from my student days I seem to have very...