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Dave Molk

Denver, CO            

Coming from a rock guitar background, Dave Molk embarked on jazz performance before switching to composition full-time. He writes mainly for pitched and non-pitched percussion, combining an energized rhythmic propulsion with expressive timbres. Dave is a close friend of producer Olde Dirty Beathoven.

Dave is a board member of New Works Project. His research focuses on developing inclusive pedagogy and dismantling structural racism. He is an advocate for undocumented communities in and outside of higher education.

Dave has a Ph.D in music composition from Princeton University and taught composition and theory as an Assistant Teaching Professor at Georgetown University (2016-2019). His writing has appeared in I Care If You Listen, New Music Box, Sounding Out!, and Indiana Theory Review (forthcoming 2020).

Articles by Dave Molk:

NewMusicBox January 6 2021 | By Dave Molk
Confronting Our Complicity: Music Theory and White Supremacy

Despite the fact that the majority of our students do not listen to Western art music regularly, nearly all of the core curriculum is based on it. Let’s open their...

NewMusicBox January 29 2020 | By Dave Molk and Michelle Ohnona
Promoting Equity: Developing an Antiracist Music Theory Classroom

We present strategies on how to begin disrupting the normalization of whiteness in the music theory classroom, starting with making it visible. We should think of this disruption as a...

NewMusicBox December 11 2019 | By Dave Molk
Teaching Inequality: Consequences of Traditional Music Theory Pedagogy

Western art music is not a universal language. It does some things well, other things not as well, and many things not at all. What biases do we create in...

NewMusicBox June 12 2019 | By Dave Molk
Programming for Justice

The disparity in representation within new music is a longstanding and well-documented problem. We know this. What then holds us back? Why does disparity in representation remain such a problem?

NewMusicBox June 13 2018 | By Dave Molk
Speak Now: Music of the Travel Ban

We need not move mountains to defend our values. By leveraging power and privilege within our own spheres of influence, however modest they might appear, we can all effect real...