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David Morneau

New York, NY   

David Morneau is a composer of an entirely undecided genre. Described by Molly Sheridan as a “shining beacon” of inspiration, his diverse work illuminates ideas about our culture, issues concerning creativity, and even the very nature of music itself. His eclectic output has been described variously as “elegantly rendered”, “happily prissy”, “impressive”, “unusual, esoteric, and offbeat”. His chiptune album, Broken Memory, “absolutely wrecks shop.… For that, David Morneau wins.”

His recent projects include Not Less Than the Good, a musical celebration of morning as embraced by Henry David Thoreau in Walden, Beatlings, a minimal-techno improvisation environment for cello and beats, and Another Dimension, a bustling meditation for Nintendo Game Boy. Upcoming projects include Trappist–1, for trombone and live sound processing, and a setting of George Held’s Neighbors: The Water Critters for mezzo-soprano and guitar.

With Melissa Grey, he has established l’Artiste ordinaire. Their recent concert-length performance, Photon Ecstasy, an adaptation of Dan Rose’s artist book The DNA-Photon Project, premiered at the University of Pennsylvania’s Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts in October 2016. Their Gadget Berry Dimple, an Oulipian translation of Hugo Ball’s Gadji beri bimba, is published in Circumference (a journal of poetry in translation). Grey & Morneau also direct and produce Soft Series, a concert series dedicated to presenting soft premieres, which is live streamed and archived on ClockTower Radio.

Morneau’s music can be found on Composers Concordance Records, Immigrant Breast Nest, and Irritable Hedgehog. His words have been published in Emergency Index (an annual document of performance practice), published by Ugly Duckling Presse.


[photo credit: Rachel Cheetham-Richard]

Articles by David Morneau:

Articles December 6 2017 | By David Morneau
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I’ve found this to be true again and again: get past the difficulty of starting by simply starting. How to do that looks different every time, so there’s no secret...