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Debra Kaye

New York, NY      

Debra Kaye is an award-winning New York composer whose eclectic music draws inspiration from classical, jazz, world music, story telling, current events, found sounds and her training in Dalcroze Eurhythmics. Acclaimed for her “sensitivity and raw power” (New Music Connoisseur), her debut CD And So It Begins (Ravello Records) was on Ted Gioia’s list of top 100 CD’s, and recognized as “…an album that will surely stand the test of time” (babysue.com). 

Articles by Debra Kaye:

NewMusicBox November 26 2018 | By Debra Kaye
Music Can be a Counterbalance to Hard Times

Sometimes music is a counterbalance to tragedy. And in times of personal grief, I also turn to composition.  It’s the role of the artist to dream beyond the borders of...

NewMusicBox November 19 2018 | By Debra Kaye
Music and a Sense of Place

A sense of place can be the impetus for a piece, motion can be the catalyst.  Sometimes a place can affect the music more indirectly. 

NewMusicBox November 12 2018 | By Debra Kaye
Toward a Music of the Spheres

It’s August and I can finally turn my head to a collaboration with Polish violinist Kinga Augustyn for a concert in mid November—a piece for solo violin influenced by Bach’s...

NewMusicBox November 5 2018 | By Debra Kaye
Musical Experiences in Daily Life

Looking at life through a musical lens, I see many correspondences that are perhaps easier to see in a city like New York, where the counterpoint of life is omnipresent.