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Dolores Catherino

Anchorage, AK      

Dolores Catherino is a PolyChromatic composer and multi-instrumentalist. Her avant-garde compositions explore ‘pitch-palettes’ beyond 100 notes per octave. Inspired by creative collaboration, she also explores integrated perspectives at the crossroads of music, science, technology, and the humanities.

“OUT∃R WΩRLDS by composer Dolores Catherino represents a search for intelligent life between the notes. The result bridges the gap between 20th-century classical modernism and classic synth space music.” – Marc Weidenbaum, Disquiet.com

Articles by Dolores Catherino:

NewMusicBox January 25 2018 | By Dolores Catherino
Implications of Polychromatic Music

The experience and practice of polychromatic music brings to auditory awareness new harmonic interactions and multidimensional spatial effects. Additionally, the increasing auditory perceptual discrimination developed in the practice may lead...

NewMusicBox January 18 2018 | By Dolores Catherino
Creating Music with the Polychromatic System

I needed to find an intuitive and efficient way to work with 106 notes per octave. The immensity of new musical possibilities can seem overwhelming.

NewMusicBox January 11 2018 | By Dolores Catherino
Understanding the Polychromatic System

Isolated methods of music practice are rapidly multiplying without a framework of integration and orientation for musicians and listeners to grasp. The polychromatic system is one framework of integration for...

NewMusicBox January 4 2018 | By Dolores Catherino
Polychromatic Music

We have no words for many perceptual aspects of hearing--imagery, visualization, dimension, space, etc.--so we are faced with communicating auditory concepts in analogy or metaphor. My perspective is to link...