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Dolores Catherino


Dolores Catherino is a polychromatic composer and multi-instrumentalist. Her avant-garde compositions use sonic pitch pallets of 106 and 72 EDO (equal divisions of the octave) and are performed on visionary 21st century keyboard instruments. 


Articles by Dolores Catherino:

Articles January 18 2018 | By Dolores Catherino

I needed to find an intuitive and efficient way to work with 106 notes per octave. The immensity of new musical possibilities can seem overwhelming.

Articles January 11 2018 | By Dolores Catherino

Isolated methods of music practice are rapidly multiplying without a framework of integration and orientation for musicians and listeners to grasp. The polychromatic system is one framework of integration for...

Articles January 4 2018 | By Dolores Catherino

We have no words for many perceptual aspects of hearing--imagery, visualization, dimension, space, etc.--so we are faced with communicating auditory concepts in analogy or metaphor. My perspective is to link...