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Dolores Catherino

Anchorage, AK      

Dolores Catherino is a PolyChromatic music composer and multi-instrumentalist. Her avant-garde compositions use audible ‘pitch-palettes’ of 106 and 72 EDO (equal divisions of the octave), performed on visionary 21st century keyboard instruments. 

Dolores is focused on exploring new musical possibilities within a polychromatic system which simplifies and unifies microtonal pitch-scale methods (which are generating many diverse terminologies and symbolic notations).

In distinction to Spectral music which deeply focuses on aspects of ‘tone color’ (timbre), Polychromatic concepts are focused on ‘pitch-color’ and ‘interval-color‘. The concept of pitch-color is also intended to simplify the exploration of aesthetic and scientific possibilities in the development of associative synesthetic awareness: learned associations and conceptual/perceptual integration of audible pitch with visual color.  

The polychromatic system creates an intuitive, pitch-color framework for creating music with micro-pitch (microtonal, xenharmonic) scale generation methods. Not only can it denote any way of dividing the octave into subset scales, but it can also allow the composer to use multiple scale types in one composition, in succession or simultaneously. The polychromatic system is able to symbolically represent, by means of a ‘pitch-color’ concept and symbology, over 100 pitches within an octave. As an expanded symbolic language, the polychromatic system has opened up immense new possibilities for exploring complex resonances, audible interactions of harmonics/phase, and new dimensions of tonality.

With an undergraduate study in music and graduate study in medicine, Dolores continues to explore and develop integrated perspectives between the sound arts and sciences.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/dolomuse

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dolomuse/ 

Podcast: http://nowandxen.libsyn.com/172-dolores-catherino

PolyChromatic Music: https://www.polychromaticmusic.com 

Bandcamp: https://dolorescatherino.bandcamp.com/ 

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/dolores-catherino 

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