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Ed Harsh

New York, NY   

I’m a writer, composer, and arts executive. For eleven fantastic years I was fortunate to serve as President and CEO of New Music USA and before that Meet The Composer. At various other times I’ve been a program director, development officer, composer, teacher, and writer. My roles have included as Managing Editor of the Kurt Weill Edition, Director of Development of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, Associate Director of David Bury & Associates, and Managing Director of Sequitur new music ensemble. As a founding member of the grassroots Common Sense Composers Collective and as an individual composer, I’ve completed commissioned work for a lot of different ensembles, among them the Anhaltisches Philharmonie Dessau, Albany Symphony Orchestra, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, New Millennium Ensemble, and American Baroque. My published writings range from essays on music to musical editions to recording reviews. My music is recorded commercially on the Albany, Santa Fe New Music, CRI, and Neuma labels.

Articles by Ed Harsh:

Headlines May 31 2018 | By Ed Harsh
Ed Harsh to Embark on New Endeavor

It’s in the nature of what we do that we trade the safety of the status quo for the exciting possibility of the future. New Music USA is much more...

Articles December 14 2017 | By Ed Harsh
It Ain’t Over Yet. Don’t give up on Net Neutrality.

Don’t give up on #NetNeutrality. The FCC currently has the authority to do what it has just done and repeal net neutrality rules. But Congress can step in and pass...

Articles January 18 2017 | By Ed Harsh
Speak Now: Amplifying Our Voices

The 2016 presidential election was a seismic event for the United States and the world. Today we're introducing "Speak Now," a series of posts by artists sharing what they’re thinking...

Articles November 11 2016 | By Ed Harsh
What We Believe

Difference is not a threat. Difference is an opportunity: a chance to hear a new voice, see a new perspective, feel a new inspiration. Even and especially through wrenching change,...

Articles April 11 2016 | By Ed Harsh
Making It: Music and Money

Get involved in Music and Money week: reading, thinking, commenting, sharing, discussing. On NewMusicBox or social media or in your local coffee shop. The more open conversation we can inspire...

Headlines December 22 2015 | By Ed Harsh
Remembering Composer and MTC Founder John Duffy (1926-2015)

With John Duffy, everything was possible. He radiated an optimism as forthright and clear as it was free of guile and self-importance. Though the limits of observable reality might be...