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Eddy Ficklin

New York, NY         

Eddy is New Music USA’s Director of Platform. He brings over 10 years of technology and new media experience to his position at New Music USA. In addition to database and website development for New Music USA (and Meet The Composer prior to the 2011 merger that created New Music USA), he has also been a team developer and information architect for the Institute for War and Peace Reporting, CityLore, and SUNY’s Collaborative Online International Learning Institute.

Past creative work includes penning the libretto for Antinous and Hardian, a collaboration with composer Clint Borzoni, a number of music-theater works exploring issues of queer identity, history, and representation, and an audio blog about the sonic urban experience of moving to NYC. He’s currently at work writing and illustrating a graphic novel, Lavender Menace, that explores, through the lenses of camp and super-heroes, a young man’s spiritual journey and our society’s collective penchant for self-destruction.

Pronouns: he/him/his (what’s this?)

Articles by Eddy Ficklin:

Listen March 3 2016 | By Eddy Ficklin
Now Streaming on a Device Near You: New Music Playlists

Can't find it on Spotify? The major streaming services are expanding their catalogs, but they’ll never amass the treasure trove of contemporary American music that New Music USA has coming...

Articles July 3 2014 | By Eddy Ficklin
Truth in Advertising

When I looked through the Metropolitan Opera's 2014-15 brochure, I was saddened by their lack of other contemporary repertoire. Then I flipped through the pages of the new issue of...