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Elisabeth Blair

Kalamazoo, MI         

Elisabeth Blair is a composer, vocalist, poet and visual artist. An active feminist, she is on the board of the International Alliance for Women in Music (IAWM) and is the founder and director of Listening to Ladies. She has conducted and edited interviews that appear in Berlin-based VAN Magazine, and additional writing appears in Second Inversion. For more information visit www.elisabethblair.net.

In June 2015, Elisabeth began Listening to Ladies, an initiative dedicated to showcasing women composers of classical & new music through online features, a concert series, and a podcast. Each episode of the podcast features an interview with one woman composer, woven together with clips of her music. The first episode was released September 26th, 2016. By the end of the year, seven episodes will have been released. For more information visit www.listeningtoladies.com.

Articles by Elisabeth Blair:

NewMusicBox January 17 2018 | By Elisabeth Blair
Get Out There: Alternative Opportunities for Composers and Performers

Residencies attached to big-name institutions and faculty (and often equally hefty fees) offer certain perks, but there are many opportunities out there for musicians and composers that are both more...