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Emily Bookwalter

Brooklyn, NY         

Seldom refusing an opportunity to meet new people through music, Emily is an open-minded collaborator, improviser and freelance violist/singer in New York City. As a faithful advocate for accessible music in communities, Emily is a violist and the External Affairs Manager for the String Orchestra of Brooklyn; a close-knit group of musicians dedicated to the democratization of concert music in Brooklyn. In addition to her time spent with the SOB, she performs regularly with many large and small groups throughout New York City. As a regular member of Brian Carpenter’s Ghost Train Orchestra and Beat Circus, and having most recently performed as an artist-in-residence at the Berkeley Repertory Theater, she also has performed with BeirutOperamission, the Handel Festival Orchestra of New York, the New York Repertory Orchestra, the Reona Ito Chamber Orchestra & Chorus in Carnegie Hall, and others. As a true believer in creating and performing new, contemporary music of our time, she is an avid performer of improvisatory and experimental chamber music with her husband Scott Wollschleger
Before joining the staff at New Music USA in January of 2011, Emily devoted much of her time to both non and for-profit arts organizations, including the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, American Ballet Theatre, Schott Music, Red Light New Music, and Benaroya Hall in Seattle, WA. Emily graduated from Vassar College in 2010, with a BA in Music and a secondary focus in 17th-century English literature. Emily is continually impressed by luthiers and professional cake decorators. 

Articles by Emily Bookwalter:

Listen July 10 2015 | By Emily Bookwalter
RighteousGIRLS Release gathering blue

Q&A plus new video featuring RighteousGIRLS, the New York-based duo of flutist Gina Izzo and pianist Erika Dohi. Their debut album, gathering blue (New Focus Recordings), was released today.

Listen February 10 2015 | By Emily Bookwalter
We Won’t Be In Love Much Longer: Online Premiere

As the notion of genre is becoming increasingly difficult to define in today's musical landscape, artists are actively embracing this ambiguity not only as a happy byproduct of our endless...

Articles September 5 2014 | By Emily Bookwalter
Rethinking Grants: Sometimes Smaller is Bigger

Our decision to award more small grants is driven by the same underlying principle that has motivated our entire approach to project grants: bringing artists into the public limelight is...

Headlines July 2 2014 | By Emily Bookwalter
New Music USA Awards $311,000 to Artists

New Music USA has awarded 57 projects in its second round of New Music USA project grants. We received 1,174 project requests this round. Those numbers are humbling, but also...

Articles February 24 2014 | By Emily Bookwalter
Putting Artists in the Limelight

New Music USA has just announced the awardees of our inaugural round of project grants. All awarded project pages, complete with artist profiles, work samples, project information, dates, and photos...

Articles October 11 2013 | By Emily Bookwalter
Can We Move Past Post-Race, Already?

If you follow the American Composers Orchestra and you stay on top of your composer opportunities, you might have noticed ACO’s most recent Earshot post on Facebook: readings for emerging...