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Ethan Hein

Brooklyn, NY      

Ethan Hein is an adjunct professor of music technology and music education at NYU and Montclair State University. As a founding member of the NYU Music Experience Design Lab, he researches and designs beginner-accessible interfaces for music learning and creation.

Articles by Ethan Hein:

Articles March 30 2015 | By Ethan Hein
Jazz Remixes

Jazz is all about repurposing pop and folk material for new expressive ends, and the greats were remix artists before the term existed.

Articles March 23 2015 | By Ethan Hein
Brahms’s Third Racket

There's no clearer way to see the creative thinking of a diverse group of musicians than to give them the same set of raw materials.

Articles March 16 2015 | By Ethan Hein
Mad Fresh

We in Western culture have a habit of reflexively using “original” as a synonym for “good,” especially in music. I’m going to argue that originality is not actually a virtue,...

Articles March 9 2015 | By Ethan Hein
Biting Breaks: Sampling and Ownership

I make sample-based music because I feel like it's more worthwhile to identify existing sounds that have been overlooked, to bring them to fresh ears, and to give them fresh...