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Frank Pesci

Cologne (Köln), DE            

Frank Pesci (b. 1974) is a composer of “… sophisticated music with surprising harmonies.” (The Diapason)

His catalogue contains nearly 100 works, including fifty choral motets, eleven song cycles, twenty chamber and concert scores, and four operas.  

Collaborative partners include Fort Worth Opera, New Music Works, Boston Conservatory, the What is Noise ensemble, National Book Award winning poet Terrance Hayes, and Saturday Night Live writer Simon Rich.

Born in Washington, D.C., he has studied with Luigi Zaninelli, John Heiss, and Daron Hagen.

Articles by Frank Pesci:

Articles May 22 2017 | By Frank Pesci
The Big, and Ever-Present, “What’s Next?”

In a motion that has been well practiced during the last week, I reach for the interior jacket pocket that holds my business cards. I’m pleased to find only one...

Articles May 15 2017 | By Frank Pesci
Preparing for Performance: What I Didn’t Know I Knew

For a week, we geeked out over performances we had attended, technique, our teachers, our “real jobs,” other projects we were starting, and what notation programs we used.

Articles May 8 2017 | By Frank Pesci
Taking Tweed Seriously–Lessons for the Emerging Opera Composer

“I am becoming a better opera composer” is my brand, to borrow a word from the marketing world. While not my favorite term, The Brand provides a compass, an overarching...

Articles May 1 2017 | By Frank Pesci
A Fine Mess: An Emerging Opera Composer vs. the American New Opera Machine

After college, I laid out a ten-year plan to develop the skills I thought I needed to write opera. Beginning with the voice, I wrote and sang choral music and...