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Garrett Hope

Lincoln, NE         

Garrett’s purpose is to use his God-given creativity & communication skills to entertain & enlighten people, draw people together for a common purpose, and to empower composers of all ages.

He was won several awards for his music, and holds a doctorate in composition, but what matters most to him is working with students and storytellers.

Besides composing and conducting, Garrett hosts The Portfolio Composer (a podcast on the business of writing music), is a public speaker, and travels widely to clinic & workshop with ensembles.

Learn more at garretthope.com and listen to The Portfolio Composer at theportfoliocomposer.com.

Articles by Garrett Hope:

Articles May 3 2018 | By Garrett Hope
An Introvert’s Guide to the New Music Gathering (and Other Networking Events)

The reality about the New Music Gathering (and all conferences, really) is that we can’t space the doses of people out. Conference organizers, especially the NMG organizers, design the event...

Articles December 21 2017 | By Garrett Hope
Leveling Up, Part 3: Entering the Marketplace

You’ve written a band piece. Now what? If you were commissioned by an ensemble to create something new just for them, a few problems are likely already solved for you:...

Articles December 14 2017 | By Garrett Hope
Leveling Up, Part 2: Making the Grade

The leveling system provides a shortcut for educators who are looking for new pieces. It has also helped create a set of standards. There is basic agreement between the various...

Articles December 7 2017 | By Garrett Hope
Leveling Up, Part 1: The Business of Sheet Music

Music is an art form and defies boxes and labels, but leveling music makes it easier to sell.