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Michael Garrett Steele

Austin, TX         

Articles by Michael Garrett Steele:

NewMusicBox September 27 2018 | By Michael Garrett Steele
It’s All People. And It’s All Connected

Writing all of this down has been an opportunity to sort through some of the chaos of the last ten years or so. I’ve never really sat down and written...

NewMusicBox September 20 2018 | By Michael Garrett Steele
Surfing on a Constantly Shifting Bed of Earthquaking Sand Dunes

You don’t get to just change one part of your life at once. That’s not what life is. Life is where you surf on a constantly shifting bed of earthquaking...

NewMusicBox September 13 2018 | By Michael Garrett Steele
The Magic That Happens in a Week

Vermont College of Fine Arts plays up the “low residency” aspect of its music composition MFA program. You study remotely with a grad advisor for six months, and then you...

NewMusicBox September 6 2018 | By Michael Garrett Steele
From Hardwired Pragmatist to Nontraditional Undergrad Student

My own hardwired pragmatism steered me away from music and towards psychology. It wasn’t a decision borne of academic ambivalence. I had genuine interest in the field, and a powerful...