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Gelsey Bell

New York, NY            

Gelsey Bell is a Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, and scholar. She is a core member of thingNY, Varispeed, and the Chutneys. Her recent works include Cairns, a soundwalk for Green-Wood Cemetery; Meander, a soundwalk created with Joseph White for Brooklyn Botanic Garden; SubtacTTTTTTTTT, an early pandemic online performance created with thingNY; and shuffleyamamba, a dance piece created with Yasuko Yokoshi. She is currently a resident artist at the HERE Arts Center where she is developing the opera mɔːnɪŋ (pronounced morning/mourning). She has released multiple recordings, including This is Not a Land of Kings and Home, with the Chutneys, and received a Foundation for Contemporary Arts award for music/sound. Performance highlights also include Dave Malloy’s Natasha, Pierre, & the Great Comet of 1812 (Broadway) and Ghost Quartet, Robert Ashley’s Improvement and Crash, Kate Soper’s Here Be Sirens, Gregory Whitehead’s On the Shore Dimly Seen, and a great many of John King’s Micro-Operas. She has a PhD in Performance Studies from NYU and has published articles in TDR/The Drama Review (for which she is the Critical Acts Co-Editor), The Journal of Interdisciplinary Voice Studies (for which she is an Associate Editor), Tempo, and Performance Research.

Articles by Gelsey Bell:

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