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Gregory T.S. Walker

Louisville, CO      

Gregory Walker is the son of music historian Helen Walker-Hill and Pulitzer Prize-winning composer George Walker. He studied with violinist Yuval Yaron and received a master’s degree in computer music from the University of California at San Diego, and a doctorate in musical composition from the University of Colorado. Dr. Walker currently serves as a professor at the University of Colorado Denver.  An accomplished composer and violinist, he performed his Concerto No. 1 for Orchestra and Synthesizer with the Oakland Sinfonietta and earned a second Masters in Composition from Mills College in 1987. In 1993, the Colorado Symphony commissioned Walker to compose what has been acknowledged as the first “rap symphony”, Dream N. the Hood.

Walker has been featured in soloist engagements with the Philadelphia Orchestra, Oberlin Orchestra, the Encuentro Musical de los Americas in Havana, Cuba, the Detroit Symphony, the Colorado Symphony, Poland’s Filharmonia Sudecka, and the Colorado Music Festival Orchestra, as well as at the Library of Congress, England’s Lake District Music Festival, Centro Mexicano para la Musica y las Artes Sonoras, Peking University, and the Cork Orchestral Society Concert Series in Ireland.

Walker’s work as a multimedia performance artist has been showcased at the Sonic Circuits International Festival and the New West Electronic Arts & Media Organization Festival (NWEAMO), and he is featured on the cover of the April 2007 International Musician magazine. He is currently the Artistic Director of the Colorado NeXt Music Festival.

Articles by Gregory T.S. Walker:

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