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Idith Meshulam Korman

Idith Meshulam Korman

Idith Meshulam, pianist and artistic director of Ensemble Pi, is rapidly becoming acknowledged as one of the most foremost interpreters of and advocates for contemporary American classical music. Under Ms. Meshulam’s leadership, Ensemble Pi, established in 2002, has taken a central role for four years in the programming and performance of the Festival of New American Music, held annually in New York City.

Articles by Idith Meshulam Korman:

NewMusicBox November 16 2018 | By Alice Shields, Sheree Clement, Eleanor Cory, Nina C. Young, Idith Meshulam Korman, Lynne Buchanan
Saving The Earth–Artist/Activists for the Environment

It’s obvious that our physical world is in deep trouble.  Old and new technologies are out of control—polluting our air, water and soil, poisoning our health, heating up the climate...