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Joan Arnau Pàmies

Chicago, IL         

The music of Joan Arnau Pàmies (IPA: [d͡ʒu’ɑnəɾ’nɑu’pɑmiəs]) is concerned with underlying issues related to text, notation, sound, and the distinction between composition and performance as categorically different activities. His most recent explorations investigate unconventional notational strategies to develop intricate formal processes.

Born in Catalonia in 1988 and based in the United States since 2007, Pàmies’s works have been performed and workshopped throughout the Americas, Russia, and Europe by ensembles and individuals such as the Arditti QuartetEnsemble Dal Niente, ensemble rechercheFelix Del TrediciJACK QuartetKathryn SchulmeisterMoscow Contemporary Music EnsembleNew Morse CodeNora Volkova Ensemble, and Vertixe Sonora Ensemble. Recent projects include a newly commissioned piece for the New York-based mixed quartet loadbang and the American premiere of [IVflbclVIvln/c] by Uusinta Ensemble as part of MATA Festival 2014.

He is the recipient of numerous prizes and grants, such as the William T. Faricy Award for Creative Music and the Eckstein Fellowship from Northwestern University (Chicago), the Wallace Scholarship Fund from the New England Conservatory (Boston), and the Fellowship prize from the Darmstadt Summer Courses 2008.

Pàmies holds a Bachelor of Music with Honors from the New England Conservatory of Music and is currently pursuing a DMA in composition at Northwestern University. He has lectured on his own work at the University of Huddersfield (CeReNeM), Goldsmiths-University of London, Columbia University, and Northwestern University.

Joan Arnau Pàmies’s music is published by Periferia (Barcelona), Éditions Bar&Co (Limoges), and BabelScores (Paris).

Articles by Joan Arnau Pàmies:

NewMusicBox June 27 2016 | By Joan Arnau Pàmies
Towards The Future: New Music in the 21st Century

At a time when our most immediate collective reality is not only mediocre, but also dangerous and pathologically against the creation of fairer worlds, I would like to believe that...

NewMusicBox June 20 2016 | By Joan Arnau Pàmies
The Defeat of New Music

Because of Babbitt and others, contemporary music gained access to academia and did find some solace, but the price of admission was nevertheless very high. By fundamentally treating contemporary music...

NewMusicBox June 13 2016 | By Joan Arnau Pàmies
New Music Is Not (Necessarily) Contemporary Music

New Music is at its core an artistic project based on critique: this is its link to modernity—what fundamentally defines its nature. It questions past, dysfunctional normative models as a...

NewMusicBox June 6 2016 | By Joan Arnau Pàmies
New Music: A Product of Modernity (and Capitalism)

As long as music is supplied in exchange for economic capital, musicians participate in the logic of capitalism. The question is whether this is perceived as an issue that needs...

NewMusicBox October 8 2014 | By Joan Arnau Pàmies
DarwinTunes and Cultural Reductionism

Stating that the DarwinTunes experiment proves that “selection rapidly evolves music from noise,” among other dubious claims, is problematic to say the least. Yet media coverage of the research may...