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Joseph Sowa

Boston, MA   

Joseph Sowa grew up playing violin and listening to orchestral broadcasts on NPR. Surrounded by these sounds, he wanted to make more of them.

Often taking its inspiration from nature imagery, his concert works have been played by Ensemble Dal Niente, the PRISM Quartet, Collage New Music, the Lydian String Quartet, Quartetto Indaco, the BYU Philharmonic and Chamber Orchestras, the Awea Duo, the Tower Duo, Jaren Hinckley, Daniel Stepner, and Charity Tillemann-Dick, among others

He has been commissioned by performers including the Genesis Chamber Singers, the Farallon Quintet, Carolyn Hove, and Neil Thornock as well as foundations including the Barlow Endowment for Music Composition and the Laycock Endowment for Creative Collaboration in the Arts.

Articles by Joseph Sowa:

Articles February 25 2020 | By Joseph Sowa
In Praise of Unremarkable Music, Part 2

Many of us have feelings about what is true, beautiful, or good in music which match the fervor most people hold only for politics or religion. I know I have...

NewMusicBox February 19 2020 | By Joseph Sowa
In Praise of Unremarkable Music: Part 1

Why did you start writing music? Now, what do you hope to accomplish? This year? This decade? By the end of your life? In response to these questions, you might...