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Kevin Clark

Seattle, WA         

As Director of Platform here at New Music USA I oversee the development, design, and maintenance of our web platforms, most especially this website and our grantmaking system. I love to design grantmaking programs around the needs of applicants and communities, and to make philanthropy more effective and efficient.

I’m also a composer, and make a lot of works for theater, involving plot, text, acting, and other dramatic motivations for music. If you like to move around the stage, act, and turn your concert performances into fully theatrical experiences for your audience (especially if you like getting a laugh), you might want to play some of my music. 

I also write a lot about arts economics and training for young artists. I’ve been speaking about crowdfunding’s role in training for artists almost since Kickstarter was launched (I’ve done a couple myself, too), and in recent years I’ve started giving a more advanced talk about Baumol’s cost disease for artists. It’s a classic, and relatively simple piece of economics. I believe understanding it can help artists make sense of the economy in which we’re all working, and help us to plan our careers and make big decisions.

Articles by Kevin Clark:

Articles May 20 2016 | By Kevin Clark
Interview with Daniel Spreadbury of Dorico

Daniel Spreadbury talks about his work in open source and web standards, some of Dorico's most exciting features for composers, and how Dorico users will benefit from the larger Steinberg...

Articles April 13 2016 | By Kevin Clark
William G. Baumol and You: (Broader Economic) Context Is Everything

In this volatile environment, there’s a piece of economics that can help make sense of what’s going on, help us make better decisions as artists, and even help us make...

Articles December 11 2015 | By Kevin Clark
What Are You Trying to Decide in Your Career?

Our own Kevin Clark wants to hear from musicians about big decisions you're making in your careers.

Headlines February 10 2015 | By Kevin Clark
2015 New Music Bake Sale Line-Up Announced

The New Music Bake Sale brings you cookies and new music on March 15 at Roulette.

Articles November 21 2014 | By Kevin Clark
Classical Music Has Open Data Sets?

In open data sets, Suby Raman found a lot of really interesting stories to tell about the performing arts. Because he's a composer, he knew what to look for in...

Articles March 14 2014 | By Kevin Clark
Broken Notions of Why Art Matters

The tricky part of advocating for the arts is that the really important parts are harder to put numbers on. This shouldn't be surprising; the awesomest parts of art itself...

Articles February 14 2014 | By Kevin Clark
Big Data Only Gets You So Far, or Why Social Science Is Really Hard

While the findings of the National Center For Arts Research are encouraging for the state of the arts economy and their methodology is strong, the NCAR’s final analysis has no...

Articles February 15 2013 | By Kevin Clark
A Contest for Fake Musicians

There's a long history in dictionaries, encyclopedias, and even atlases of including false and funny entries to protect from copyright infringement. The Grove Dictionary has had some classics over the...

Headlines November 15 2012 | By Kevin Clark
Keeping Score: Spreadbury Speaks on Sibelius Team Transition

News came last week that the former London-based Sibelius team is now opening a new office to work on a brand new notation program--this time under the auspices of Steinberg,...