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Kenneth Kirschner

Brooklyn, NY      

Kenneth Kirschner is a composer of experimental music working at the intersection of avant-garde classical composition and contemporary electronic music. His work is characterized by a close integration of acoustic and electronic sound sources; a strong focus on harmony, pattern, and long-form development; and experimentation with techniques such as chance procedures, indeterminacy, and microtonality within a digital context. All of his published work, from the 1980s to present, is freely available on his website, kennethkirschner.com.

Articles by Kenneth Kirschner:

NewMusicBox September 28 2015 | By Kenneth Kirschner
Indeterminacy 2.0: The Music of Catastrophe

Perhaps writing indeterminate music can be both a rewarding end in itself, and a path to finding that which indeterminacy can’t give us.

NewMusicBox September 21 2015 | By Kenneth Kirschner
Indeterminacy 2.0: Under the Hood

This week, I want to talk about some of the actual work I’ve done with indeterminate digital music, with a focus on both the technologies involved and the compositional methods...

NewMusicBox September 14 2015 | By Kenneth Kirschner
Indeterminacy 2.0: In Which We Agonize Over Terminology

I have a certain tendency to refer to my indeterminate pieces as “my indeterminate pieces.” But wait, aren’t they generative? In this week’s episode, I want to try to hash...

NewMusicBox September 8 2015 | By Kenneth Kirschner
Indeterminacy 2.0: How to Burn Your Harpsichord

Why should a recording be the same every time you listen to it? Until recently, this question wouldn’t even have made sense. But today there’s no reason why this must...