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Kendra Leonard

Houston, TX      

Kendra Preston Leonard is a musicologist and music theorist whose work focuses on women and music in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries; and music and screen history, particularly music and adaptations of Shakespeare; and a librettist and poet.

Articles by Kendra Leonard:

Articles November 29 2018 | By Kendra Leonard
New Music for Old Film

The continuing popularity of silent film showings with live music means that there is plenty of room for experimentation in composing new scores for old pictures—and that audiences can experience...

Articles November 21 2018 | By Kendra Leonard
Setting the Scene with Sound: (Re)Scoring Silent Film

We all know that the soundtrack changes the way we experience a movie. Buster Keaton’s 1927 comedy "The General" is a popular choice for showings with live accompaniment, and here...

Articles November 15 2018 | By Kendra Leonard
Taking a Cue: Accompanying Early Film

Many cue sheets for silent film show notations where the performer swapped out a suggested piece with one they already knew or owned. Claire Hamack, an accompanist whose scores, photoplay...

Articles November 8 2018 | By Kendra Leonard
New Music for a New Art Form: Photoplay Music

The advent of the moving picture brought about the development of an enormous amount of new music composed specifically to accompany film. There are hundreds of pieces in the Silent...