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Lidiya Yankovskaya

Chicago, IL            

Conductor Lidiya Yankovskaya is a fiercely committed advocate for Russian masterpieces, operatic rarities, and contemporary works on the leading edge of classical music. With more than 40 world premieres, including 16 operas, to her credit, she serves as Music Director of Chicago Opera Theater and Artistic Director of Refugee Orchestra Project and COT’s Vanguard Initiative. Lidiya is a sought-after speaker who has been engaged by League of American Orchestras, Opera America, and World Opera Forum.

Articles by Lidiya Yankovskaya:

NewMusicBox August 29 2019 | By Lidiya Yankovskaya
“Shut up and play”—Musicians as Activists in the 21st century

Musicians are uniquely positioned to convey the following simple message that we should all, as artists, understand: no matter who you are, where you are from, how much money you...

NewMusicBox August 22 2019 | By Lidiya Yankovskaya
Working to Create a Plurality of Voices Within Classical Music

The need for a plurality of voices within our field has become dire. If we do not begin to represent our communities and the world around us, our institutions cannot...

NewMusicBox August 15 2019 | By Lidiya Yankovskaya
Shaping the American Operatic Canon

It is essential for any composer who wants to write opera to have an extensive background as a dramatist, wordsmith, orchestrator, and musician. But currently, this expectation is also impractical,...

NewMusicBox August 8 2019 | By Lidiya Yankovskaya
The Catalyst-Conductor: Conductors as Musical Leaders for the 21st Century

In bypassing institutional gatekeepers, conductor Lidiya Yankovskaya outlines how these conductors have brought relevance, vitality, and an expanding number of previously unrepresented voices into the field and argues that they...