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Lisa Bielawa

New York, NY            

Lisa Bielawa is a Rome Prize winner in Musical Composition. Bielawa’s work consistently incorporates community-making as part of her artistic vision, including her made-for-TV-and-online opera Vireo: The Spiritual Biography of a Witch’s AccuserBroadcast from Home, a large-scale interactive work in response to the coronavirus pandemic crisis; and music for public spaces in Lower Manhattan, the banks of the Tiber River in Rome, on the sites of former airfields in Berlin in San Francisco.

Articles by Lisa Bielawa:

NewMusicBox October 25 2017 | By Lisa Bielawa
Vireo, My Tenacious Muse

"Vireo: The Spiritual Biography of a Witch's Accuser" was more than two decades in the making. Here composer Lisa Bielawa recounts the evolution of this ambitious work from idea to...

NewMusicBox April 14 2016 | By Lisa Bielawa
Roundtable: Facing the Hard Questions

Commissions are not always the best funding model. Some projects are more like entrepreneurial ventures, and as such, they require financial risk-taking and the willingness to take on fiscal as...

NewMusicBox February 21 2007 | By Lisa Bielawa
Your Administrative Muse: Task-Management Strategies for Composers

I don't have The Answer. But I have had many of the problems, and I am discovering ways—through experimentation and desperation—to navigate through many of these challenges more effectively.

NewMusicBox March 1 2004 | By Lisa Bielawa
View from St. Petersburg: New American Music Goes To Russia

Lisa Bielawa [Ed note: Lisa Bielawa‘s The Right Weather, for piano and chamber orchestra, was premiered by the American Composers Orchestra and pianist Andrew Armstrong at Carnegie’s Zankel Hall on...