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Marek Poliks

Somerville, MA            

Marek Poliks (b.1989) builds spaceships – enveloping worlds of rooms and tunnels into which an audience is invited to explore. He values feelings of warmth, safety, and discovery. Marek works with live performers, electronics, video, and sculpture to create a type of music not intended to be listened to, but to be felt, viscerally, in the heaviness of the air.

Marek released his first solo CD on Another Timbre records (http://www.anothertimbre.com/) in April. His music has been performed throughout Europe and North America (the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston (USA), the Anthony Burgess Foundation (UK), Bludenzer Tage Zeitgemaesser Musik (Austria), Musica y Arte (Spain), Tzlil Meudcan (Israel), Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik (Germany), Lucerne Festival (Switzerland) etc…). He is a PhD candidate in composition at Harvard University, where he studies with Chaya Czernowin.

With a long history of performing in bands, DJing, and producing pop music, Marek dreams about an intersectional new music – one which situates itself within a global community of music makers. He’s written extensively about the new music community, including an ASCAP Deems Taylor/Virgil Thompson award-winning series for NewMusicBox, a longform interview in the Capilano Review (Canada), and an interview for Deutschland RadioKultur.

Articles by Marek Poliks:

NewMusicBox April 28 2014 | By Marek Poliks
Defining Musical Quality

In this article, I want to expand quality into agency—a thing can only advocate for itself if it can speak. Quality means empowerment--and it requires care.

NewMusicBox April 21 2014 | By Marek Poliks
Performing Quality

To me, the weird division of labor between composing works and playing concerts puts musicians in a difficult position. Performers have become new music’s coerced mouthpiece of accountability. The student...

NewMusicBox April 14 2014 | By Marek Poliks
New Music is Academic Music

If one wants contemporary music to remain in the academy, how do we take its social behavior and make it contrarian, vital? How can we combat the characteristically academic forms...

NewMusicBox April 7 2014 | By Marek Poliks
New Music’s Quality Problem

It seems like the entire audience problem debate stubbornly looks outward, asking questions about marketing, "outreach," and accessibility, all the while carefully avoiding some seriously necessary self-examination. Instead of an...