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Margaret R. Friesen

Margaret R. Friesen

Margaret R. Friesen is a composer and singer focused on intimacy, human relationships, and inner stillness. For her, music represents a unique opportunity to communicate remarkable things and to expose identity and emotion. She believes that in our most intimate moments, we enter a space both breathtaking and delightful, and music can be incredibly intimate. Her work in composition includes pieces exploring misled expectations, passion, wish-making, and warmth. Margaret works often with vocalists and choirs to create a musical environment where human identity can flow free and unprotected.

Her studies and research include ways of making music that fall outside of normative, “talented” modes of music-making, queer temporalities surrounding history and the compositional process, and the many-layer folds of the poet Sara Teasdale. In addition to diving deep into musical intimacy, Margaret conducts and teaches choirs in the greater Boulder area. She deeply admires the works of Claudio Monteverdi, Anton Bruckner, and Dale Trumbore.

Margaret has been known to cheer for the University of Colorado Buffs while composing and studying music, but hasn’t been to a sports game in years. Outside of music, she fancies herself a decent chef, and she loves the smell and taste of fresh lemon, tarragon, and a tart strawberry jam.

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Articles by Margaret R. Friesen:

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